Welcome Home!

On Saturday, July 31, Bishop Tikhon presided at the sacramental reception into the Holy Orthodox Church of the Almasy and Barr Families at Holy Cross.  Ten baptisms/chrismations were like "a little Summer Pascha!"   We sing "Many Years!" to our newest members!

"Blessed is God Who desires that all be saved and come to the knowledge of the Truth."

(Thanks to photographers Randy, JohnK and Brad)

Fr James, Bishop Tikhon, Deacon Alex Cadman (State College) & Fr Dan
A gorgeous day in many ways!
Elijah A!
altar boys
reception of converts service
Herman (Ed) and Elizabeth (Rita)
catechumens outside
"Do you renounce satan?"
blessing the water
Ephraim (Ryan)
Juliana (Janine)
Elizabeth (Sadie)
Elijah B
John (Nathaneal)
Peter (Josiah)
the procession
"May your light so shine before men..."
reading the Holy Gospel
new members with their sponsors, clergy and altar boys
reception in the Orthodox Fellowship Center